College student becomes successful in farming China orange in Benapole

Published : 18 Feb 2024 09:38 PM

At one time, people thought that China oranges were cultivated only in mountainous regions. But that perception has changed now.

Commercial China orange cultivation in the plain land of Jashore has been successful.

Mushfiqur Rahman Shaon, 21, a college student at Zamjami village of Bhojagati union in Monirampur upazila of Jashore has succeeded in cultivating Chinese oranges besides his studies.

Shaon is an honours second year student of Jashore MM College.

Not only China oranges, in his garden there are about two hundred Malta and guava trees. They have also come to fruition.

Stepping into the garden of oranges and malta fills the mind with the sweet aroma. Colorful oranges and malta hanging in bunches on the trees, that will make the eyes widen.

In 2020, when educational institutions were closed due to the Corona pandemic, Shaon started dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur at home.

To make his dream come true, his father along with retired teacher Atiyar Rahman planted China orange and Bari-1 variety of Malta saplings on two bigha land next to the house.

After two years, his malta tree started fruiting. 

This year his China orange tree has also yielded fruit.

College student Mushfiqur Rahman Shaon said, in 2020, we collected some seedlings of Malta and China oranges and planted them on two bigha land.

Currently I have over two hundred Malta and over 65 Chinese orange trees in my garden.

A few other people in the village earn a living by laboring in exchange for money in my garden.

Mushfiqur Rahman Shaon said that he has spent Tk 50,000 in the orange-malta garden at the beginning.

So far, I have sold oranges and malta worth Tk 1.10 lakh   from the garden.

Even excluding expenses, he had earned Tk60 thousand in the first crop.

He said, "I spend time in the garden in my free time.

Adequate amount of organic fertilizers should be applied in the garden and insecticides should be sprayed once a month.

In addition to cleaning the root of the tree, these tasks have to be done.

Shaun’s father, Atiyar Rahmam, a retired teacher, said, many young boys spend their time on mobile and chatting. 

Manirampur Upazila Agriculture Extension Officer Ajay Kumar Biswas informed that at present, many people are becoming entrepreneurs by collecting and planting seedlings of various fruits and vegetables through various means. This is a good thing. Shaon’s Garden is also under our block officers monitoring. 

At present I am selling saplings from my garden to outsiders for Tk300 to Tk400 per piece. Many people come to see the garden and buy a seedling or two.

Neighboring resident Shamim Hossain said, Shaon became a college student and became a successful fruit gardener in a short period of time.

This is an example. Many students his age spend time hanging out. His initiative inspires many.