Collective approach to implement policies on inclusive education stressed

Accessibility in the educational institute is not only the solution, inclusive education needs a collective approach to implementation of the policies including introducing teachers learning materials, awareness of parent, SMSs, disability friendly classrooms and school premises is also important, said speakers at a seminar on Thursday.

DRRA and DAI Global LLC jointly organised the seminar, "Inclusive Education in Bangladesh- “Challenges, Choices and Changes” at the Spectra Convention Centre, Gulshan in the capital, aiming to overview the existing practices, experiences, challenges and way forward of Inclusive Education in Bangladesh.

Md. Moshiur Rahman, NDC Managing Director (Additional Secretary) Neuro-Development Disability Protection Trust attended the event as chief guest while Ms. Farida Yesmin, Executive Director, Disabled Rehabilitation & Research Association (DRRA) chaired the seminar. Craig James Geddes, Senior Global Education Specialist represents DAI Global LLC. Important representatives from different Government Ministries and Departments, relevant NGOs, INGOs and group of children with disabilities and their caregivers were also present.

 Sakil Malik, Senior Global Practice Leader DAI Global LLC present the keynote in the seminar. The panel discussant, speakers and participants agreed in the point that inclusive education is not only is making the school premises inclusive. Inclusive education need to promote that all students are welcome in their neighbourhood schools, in age appropriate, regular classes. It supports that students learn from, contribute to, and participate in all aspects of school life.

Inclusive education is a notion that penetrates the way curricula, schools, classrooms, programs and activities are developed and designed, such that all students learn and participate together. The Seminar has an interactive question answer session with some recommendation for the promotion of inclusion of the children of disabilities.