Cold wave affects livestock as well as people in Rangpur

Published : 30 Jan 2022 08:43 PM

In the bone-chilling winter in the Rangpur region, the condition of people as well as animals has deteriorated. Cows, goats, poultry and other animals of this region are suffering from various diseases including fever and loss of food due to extreme cold. The condition of these livestock is critical in the continuous winter. Their fertility rate is also declining due to various diseases.

In the middle of winter, the common people have fallen into extreme misery due to this onslaught of winter. Nature has been shrouded in thick fog for the last few days. Feeling cold day and night as the face of the sun cannot be seen. No one is going out of the house due to the ongoing cold wave in the region. Due to the increase in the severity of the winter, the people who are working hard are having to suffer immensely. People from poor families are trying to restore their height by burning straw to protect themselves from the cold. Outbreaks of cold-related diseases have been reported in different parts of the country.

Extreme crisis has occurred in human beings as well as animals. To protect themselves from the cold, many farmers usually cover their bodies with warm clothes or jute sacks. Although there have been news of deaths of cows and goats due to winter in different areas, the Animal Resources Department claimed that they have not received any news of death of any animal so far. However, large numbers of broilers, Sonali and layer chickens are at risk of dying from Gumboro disease in winter. In addition, cows, goats, sheep, buffaloes can die due to sore throat, epilepsy and rain. Due to winter, the feeding capacity of poultry is decreasing. As a result, there is a fear of reduction in milk production in cattle farms due to inability to consume moderate food along with fear of declining egg production.

Ahmed Ali, from Uttam area of Rangpur city, said his cow's appetite had decreased due to the cold and he was taking medicine as per the doctor's advice due to fever. Nowsha Mia of Changmari area of Gangachara upazila said that one of her cows became weak in winter. He has covered the cows with blankets to protect them from the cold.

According to the Rangpur Animal Resources Office, each district has an average of 35 to 40 lakh cattle. As such, there are about six crore animals of different species including cows, goats, ducks and chickens in 16 districts of the northern region. The condition of these animals has deteriorated in the continuous winter. Their fertility is also declining due to various diseases. No animal deaths have been reported so far in the winter, sources said, adding that due to the severe winter, cattle and goats are at risk of contracting various diseases including fever and cold. Animal Resources Department officials are monitoring each upazila.