Bhola fishing trawler accident

COAST Foundation distributes financial aid among affected family members

Published : 02 Jul 2023 09:23 PM

COAST Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to coastal community development, provided its support for the families affected by the tragic fishing trawler incident that occurred on June 25 in Bhola district.

On June 25, a fishing trawler capsized during a severe storm near the mouth of Charpial 3 river, resulting in the loss of five lives.

Six fishermen were fortunate enough to be rescued and are currently receiving medical treatment at Charfashan Hospital. However, the search for two missing fishermen continues.

Recognizing the urgency and importance of providing immediate relief, COAST Foundation took the initiative to extend support to the affected families.

COAST utilized its own funds to provide financial assistance 90 thousand tk to the families of the deceased, injured, and missing fishermen, says a press release on Sunday afternoon.

This assistance aims to alleviate their financial burden and offer some comfort during this challenging time.

In a special ceremony held on Saturday, COAST Foundation officially distributed  the support to the affected families.

Dignitaries including the Panel Chairman of Charmadraj Union, members, political leaders, teacher representatives, leaders of the Fisheries Society, and Mahmudul Haque Didar, Deputy Director of COAST Foundation, were present to express their solidarity and support.