JSC Exam

Coachings closed for preventing question leakage

The JSC and JDC exams will begin on November 2. The last will be November 11. All coaching centers of the country should be closed for 22 days from October 25 to November 15 for conducting the examination in a fair and free environment. The Education Ministry has given the order.

The national security-related committee meeting of the Ministry of Education was held on Sunday (October 13th) before the examination. The decision was taken to keep coaching centers closed here. The meeting was held at the International Mother Language Institute where Dipu Moni presided.

At the time, the education minister said, "We have to be strict about coaching." Although the coaching center was declared to be closed during the exam, some locked in and coached inside. She urged law enforcers to monitor the issue.

Education minister said the question was not leaked but the rumor of the question leaked on social media. Social media is not a matter of control; we have a vigilant surveillance through our intelligence agencies to make sure that such incidents do not lead to criminal activity. Whoever is caught, strict action will be taken against him/her. The education minister said, “I would urge the parents not to get involved in this immoral process.”

On the occasion, various education boards spoke about various steps to prevent question leakage. This includes opening the question set 20 minutes before the test begins; 5 minutes before the examiner must enter; if someone enters late then their name and roll has to be noted and sent to the board that day. Black glass cars cannot be used to carry question papers; In case of multiple transactions or suspicious transactions from the same number through mobile banking, the agent should inform the local police station.

Technical and Madrasah Education Secretary Munshi Shahabuddin Ahmed, Additional Secretary of Secondary and Higher Education Jabed Ahmed and Abdullah Al Hasan Chowdhury, Director General of Secondary and Higher Education Department were present in the meeting.