CMP move for ‘My vehicle is safe’ in passenger service

Published : 06 Dec 2021 09:25 PM

The exceptional initiative of Chattogram Metropolitan Police (CMP) to spread the feeling of safety of the passengers is 'My vehicle is safe'.  CNG-powered auto-rickshaws will be able to easily detect and control various crimes as well as provide safety to passengers.

The program was inaugurated by Chattogram Metropolitan Police Commissioner Saleh Mohammad Tanvir at Chattogram Metropolitan Police Lines in Dampara on Monday.

 CMP Commissioner Saleh Mohammad Tanvir said, "Our initiative is to establish CNG-powered auto-rickshaws as a safe vehicle for all types of passengers, especially for women and children, day and night."  Under this initiative, owners and drivers of all CNG-powered auto-rickshaws with valid paperwork operating in metropolitan areas will be verified by filling up a specific form.  Each owner and driver information will be stored on a police server and each will be given a separate OR code and numeric ID card.  Passengers will then be able to scan this ID or QR code to find out all the information about the driver and the owner.

 According to CMP sources, initially booths will be set up at eight places in the city.  Registration will be completed through a separate registration form for CNG owners and drivers at the booth.  Their valid paperwork will be sorted out before registration.  Once the registration information is submitted to the CMP server, a unique QR code and numeric ID will be generated separately from the server for the automatic owner and driver.  A printed copy of the ID and QR code will be provided to each vehicle owner and driver.  The printed copy with the ID and QR code should always be hung in the car in a place that is visible to the passengers.

  In case of registration, the vehicle owner will need the vehicle owner's NID, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle fitness certificate, vehicle tax token and vehicle route permit.  In case of driver of the vehicle -Driver's driving license, driver's NID must be submitted.

Registration of owners and drivers of CNG-powered auto-rickshaws will be completed through booths set up at 8 places.  These are: Tiger Pass Traffic Police Box, New Market Traffic Police Box, Bahaddarhat Traffic Police Box, GEC Junction Traffic Police Box, Badmatali Traffic Police Box, Alangkar Traffic Police Box, Moizjartech Traffic Police Box and Cement Crossing Traffic Police Box.

 Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Shyamal Kumar Nath, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime and Operations) MdShamsul Alam, Additional Commissioner of Police (Administration and Finance) Sana Shaminur Rahman, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Headquarters) Md. Amir Zafar, Senior Police  Senior Officers, transport owners, labor leaders were present on the occasion

CMP commissioner said that at many times ordinary passengers dumped many of their valuables in CNG-powered auto-rickshaws.  Passengers can easily find the CNG-powered auto-rickshaw later if they scan the numeric IDT or QR code.  The CNG owner can easily confirm the driver by looking at the driver's verification card before handing over his car to any driver.  To verify the advanced level, the passenger has to install "Hello CMP" app on his smart phone.  The QR code in the printed copy is scanned by the passenger in the "Hello CMP" app and if the driver or owner is verified by the CMP, he will see the information on his smartphone with the picture of the owner and driver.  For those who do not have a smartphone, if they want to send the numeric code in the printed copy from their feature phone to the number specified by the CMP, they will be informed in the return message whether the driver and the owner are verified.

 Saleh Mohammad Tanvir said that if a passenger sees the printed copy hanging on the car before boarding the car, he will understand that the car has been verified by CMP.  

This is an initiative to ensure the safety of passengers and to spread a sense of security.  Having a CNG driver verified will create a positive impression about the driver to the passenger and the car owner.