CMP gives 15 instructions on Eid journey

Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) has issued 15 instructions on the occasion of the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha and for the prevention of corona virus.

The directive was issued on Monday evening on the instruction of CMP Commissioner Mahbubur Rahman to make the journey of the city dwellers safe and uninterrupted.

The matter was confirmed by CMP Public Relations Officer and Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Mirza Sayem Mahmud.

To travel in a corona situation the CMP guidelines are: Maintaining social and physical distance and wearing mask, to avoid traveling with physical illness, not to get on a bus in a hurry or in a risky situation, not to share a vehicle with strangers, not to ride on the road,   not to eat anything from anyone, beware of pickpockets and miscreants on the street bus or train or launch terminal, pay special attention to mobile phones and handbags.

Vehicle windows should be kept closed while driving or in traffic jams, long journeys should not be interrupted in secluded or unfamiliar places, caution should be exercised when getting off at the bus stand in the middle or last part of night, taxi or auto rickshaw or other hired vehicles should be hired. 

The vehicle registration number and driver's name and address should be written down, special attention should be paid to  one's own luggage during the journey and one should avoid moving alone with valuables at night.

In addition, passengers should be careful not to get caught in the clutches of malam party  and, try to travel on crowded roads at night, travel before Eid to avoid last minute traffic jams and in case of any need National Emergency Service: 999 Need to contact and if necessary-CMP control room 01880808080 this should be contacted.

CMP Public Relations Officer and ADC Mirza Sayem Mahmud said that these 15 instructions had been given to the city dwellers on the instructions of CMP Commissioner Mahbubur Rahman  to make the Eid journey safe and beautiful  in order to  prevent corona virus.  He hoped that the city dwellers would follow these instructions.