Climate murals in Cox’s Bazar to raise awareness

Published : 18 Jul 2023 10:03 PM

Environmental activists have installed some murals in Cox's Bazar to raise awareness among people about climate change.

Youth Net, an organisation of environmentalists, unveiled the climate murals painted on the walls in front of Cox's Bazar Govt Girls' High School.

Installation of the murals was supported by the Mother Earth Project.

The artworks, painted by school students and local youth, depict harmful climate change impacts due to excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, deforestation, flooding, and plastic pollution.

Md Sayek, an environmental activist, said, "The concept of climate change mural is new in Bangladesh. In 2021, we made it on the Kolatoli coast in Cox's Bazar for the first time. This time we did it in front of a school so that students and pedestrians can see the murals and feel their role in climate change and environment protection".

Faiza Hossain Pinki, a ninth grade student of Cox’s Bazar Government Girls High School, said, ‘We can learn a lot about the environment by reading these texts along with pictures. All these things can be seen in our book as well. But only students can see in the book. Many passers-by will be aware of the paintings after seeing them.’

Deepak Sharma Deepu, president of Cox’s Bazar Forest and Environment Conservation Council, said, ‘The message of awareness on the wall is undoubtedly a good initiative. 

But it is also important to see this picture and implement it. After seeing the pictures and various slogans, I went away. New generations need to be told about these images and awareness needs to be raised.’

He also said, ‘Environmentalists are conveying the message of awareness to people by painting pictures on the walls with beautiful colors and hard work. 

At least everyone should be aware of keeping the environment good and make others aware to make their suffering worthwhile. 

If these are implemented, we will get a clean, beautiful environment and nature.’