Clients throng banks, daily transaction doubles

Clients thronged the banks to complete their necessary transactions on Monday as it was the last working day of the bank before the beginning of Eid-ul-Azha holidays. Withdrawal was many times more than deposits. The volume of transactions doubled on Monday than the previous day.

This picture was seen in the branches of all banks in different areas of the capital including Mirpur, Motijheel and Dilkusha, Dainik Bangla, Paltan and Narayanganj in Fatulla. 

There were long queues at the cash counters at every branch since the morning. Although almost everyone in the crowd wore masks but the social distance remained neglected.

Customers also came to submit bills for various services including invoices, deposits, saving certificates. Meanwhile, the banks' cash counter officials struggled to cope with the pressure of additional customers.

Jamil Ahmed, official of Pallabi branch of Prime Bank said, “We have been under pressure since the morning as today is the last working day before Eid. The transactions are twice than usual days. Most of them are institutional transactions.”

He further said, “Industrial factories are closing down today. So many people have withdrawn money to pay the salaries and allowances. In addition, ordinary customers have also withdrawn their required money. ”

Shahed Talukder, assistant officer of Social Islami Bank in Narayanganj, told Bangladesh Post, “On the last working days before Eid, there is always a crowd of customers. The last two days have been crowded with customers, most of them are withdrawing money. ”

He added, "Officers are getting busy to serve customers under pressure, yet we are providing services following the proper health guidelines as much as possible."

Jamshed Alam, who came to withdraw money from Motijheel Dutch Bangla Bank, said, “I came to collect money around 12:30 in the noon, now its past 1 o'clock. There are 13 more clients to be served before me.”

The government has eased restrictions before Eid al-Azha. Meanwhile, a new transaction schedule has been announced. Accordingly, on July 15, 18 and 19, the banks are directed to do transaction from 10 am to 4 pm. 

However, the banks will be open till 6 pm to complete post-transaction ancillary activities. In additon, on Tuesday, the day before Eid, banks will be open in the industrial area on a limited scale.

The central bank has directed to keep the bank activities open till 8 pm on the two days before Eid at the bank branches adjacent to cattle markets of Dhaka North and South City Corporations. Besides, they have been asked to set up temporary booths at the cattle markets to ensure adequate security.