Clear teachers’ service benefits

Published : 23 Feb 2024 09:08 PM

We highly applaud the High Court’s order given in favour of the retired teachers. The High Court on Thursday ordered authorities concerned to pay all the service benefits to the teachers and employees of MPO-listed private educational institutions within six months of their retirement.

The teachers have to wait year after year to get their retirement benefits. The teachers and employees of non-government educational institutions are harassed over the years to get service benefits.

It is quite shocking, but nobody can understand the pain of retired teachers and employees of non-government educational institutions. They are passing their days in hardship as they are not getting their service benefits even after three to five years of filing application in this regard. 

Many of the teachers have already died waiting for their service benefits. The retired teachers and employees cannot provide any money for their children and even cannot contribute to their family expenses.

The teachers, who dedicated their whole life to making their students as worthy citizens to build the future of the nation, are humiliated and harassed while seeking service benefits. They are now in utter misery at the twilight of their lives. 

We are very ashamed of seeing our retired teachers’ pain. We also get ashamed when we see retired teachers moving from door to door of the offices to get their benefits.

The teachers alleged that it took them three to five years to get these benefits, and many of them had to lobby for getting the benefits. They have to face harassment unless the pay bribes for getting their dues.

We are very 

saddened and ashamed 

of seeing our

 retired teachers’ peril

It is a matter of shame and dishonour for the nation. This is not acceptable to us at all.

It is teachers’ right to get their benefits soon after their retirement. But why has it been delayed? Why our teachers are being harassed and humiliated?

Therefore, the question arises about whether the government understand the retired teachers and employees’ hardship and agony. Although the authorities blamed the fund crisis for making delay in giving their service benefits, but they have been saying the same thing for a long time that are were trying to clear the benefits.

They are supposed to get service benefits immediately after their retirement. In case a person dies during service, their families should receive service benefit without delay. 

But the fact is it does not happen in reality. There is no record of any beneficiary receiving service benefits in time.

We believe that the sufferings of the teachers will go soon if the government intervenes in this regard. Besides, special allocation should be increased for the retired teachers and employees of non-government educational institutions immediately.