Clean-up drive, tree plantation programme begins in Gopalganj

Published : 02 Aug 2021 09:14 PM

Under the direction of Gopalganj Deputy Commissioner Shahida Sultana, a clean-up drive has been started in different places of the district town and various types of saplings have been planted under the tree planting programme.

To this end, the district administration conducted cleaning work in different places of the district including Launchghat, Boro Bazar, Kacha Bazar, Fol Bazar and Lek Par from Monday morning to noon. Gopalganj Municipality cooperated with the district administration with the necessary manpower and cleaners.

During the monsoon every year, the incidence of various diseases including Dengue and Chikungunya increases due to accumulation of water and dirt in the low lying areas of the town. So, the district administration is conducting the cleanliness drive there. In addition, monsoon being a good time for tree plantation, more saplings are being planted at the public and private levels at this time of the year.

For this purpose, various types of fruit and forestry saplings have been planted in the Launch Ghat and Lake Par areas of the town by clearing the garbage. Ariful Islam, Deputy Director of Gopalganj local government, planted several saplings with his own hands at the time.

Later in the afternoon, Deputy Commissioner Shahida Sultana personally supervised the programme. At this time, she gave instructions to other officials of the administration and the panel mayor about the ongoing activities.

Gopalganj Local Government Deputy Director Ariful Islam, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Mohammad Usman Gani, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Education and ICT) Mohammad Iqbal Hossain, Gopalganj Municipality Panel Mayor-1 Mohammad Nazmul Hasan, Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate Milon Saha and others were present then.

Deputy Commissioner Shahida Sultana said, “We will all abide by the hygiene rules, stay at home, stay safe, and use masks when we go out in case of emergency. Besides, for our own sake, we will not litter the area around us. We will throw the garbage in the specified places. We will plant more trees, save the environment, live on our own, help future generations to live.”