City people smart from unbridled mosquito menace

Published : 23 Mar 2023 08:52 PM

Suffering from mosquito bites has increased in Sylhet. The city dwellers have become fed up with this. At the end of winter, with the increase in temperature, the spread of mosquitoes is increasing at an alarming rate. Mosquito coils have to be lit in the office or homes even during the day. And in the evening, the mosquito infestation increases several times.

Due to the favorable environment, mosquito breeding increased manifold during this period. As temperatures rise at the end of winter, the eggs in the mosquito habitat hatch simultaneously. The density of mosquitoes is gradually increasing. As a result, mosquito infestation is increasing in Sylhet metropolis.

Residents complain that Sylhet City Corporation is not paying attention to the sudden increase in mosquito violence. However, city officials say that special programs have been undertaken to reduce mosquito infestation.

Saiful Islam, a resident of the Mirabazar area of Sylhet city, said that the mosquito infestation has increased so much in the last three weeks that mosquito coils, sprays, and mosquito bats are not working properly in his house.

Tarif, a resident of the Madinah Market area, said that it is not seen even once in five months to see any city corporation employee spraying mosquito repellents in the Madinah Market area. I do not see any effective action from the local councilor in this regard.

The city corporation authorities say that now is the breeding season for mosquitoes. During this period, mosquito infestation will increase naturally. However, the mosquito abatement program being carried out will soon bring the mosquito infestation under control.

Sylhet City Corporation Chief Health Officer Dr Zahidul Islam said that mosquito violence has increased in the metropolis due to a manpower crisis and lack of effective planning. We planned to destroy mosquito larvae. We succeeded in that. But due to a lack of effective planning, mosquito infestation has increased. Due to a shortage of manpower, it is not possible to work together in all the wards. The incompetence of those employed. As a result, the medicine is not being used properly.

When asked about the quality of medicine, Zahidul Islam said, "Undoubtedly, the medicine we use is of good quality." And we tested it in different ways. He said that a special program will be conducted to kill mosquitoes in the next few days.

It is not possible to get rid of mosquitoes only with mosquito repellents. For this reason, the city corporation officials urged the concerned authorities to keep the drains, lakes, and ponds clean, besides requesting the city dwellers not to throw garbage everywhere.