Citizens urge PM to give Mayor Titu minister status

Published : 11 Aug 2022 08:31 PM

The ancient district of Mymensingh has been playing an important role in the socio-economic, political and economic context of the country. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made the 150-year-old city of Mymensingh the 12th city corporation. Along with the city corporation, this district is the stronghold of Awami League for the liberation war and Bangabandhu's ideals.

Among the 11 parliamentary constituencies in this district, 9 Awami League and 2 Jatiya Party MPs. There are two state ministers in this district. Member of Parliament for Sadar Constituency, opposition leader of Jatiya Party, Begum Roshan Ershad. He had not been able to come to the area for a long time due to illness.

Mymensingh City Corporation is the cornerstone of the overall development of this department. This ancient city is home to over 5 lakh people from Mymensingh. Therefore, the desired development of the area is not possible due to various reasons as there is no MP and no minister of the government party in the divisional and district headquarters. 

Therefore, if the first mayor of Mymensingh City Corporation, Md Ikramul Haque Titu, who is acceptable to all parties, is given the status of minister, the desired development of the area will be accelerated and the image of the government and Awami League will also be brighter. The ardent appeal of 5 lakh citizens to the daughter of the father of the nation, Bangabandhu, made the hope of trusted young generation icon Mayor Md Ikramul Haque Titu a full minister for public interest.

Mayor Titu has already been considered so credible by achieving the unprecedented development of the city. Students--teachers-lawyers-freedom fighters-people from all walks of life--people from various classes and professions have demanded that the popular figure of this country's largest city in terms of size, Mayor Md Ikramul Haque, is one of the ones to give Titu the status of minister. . Already through social media and meeting-committee everyone has started to strongly present the demand to give the status of minister to the city father Md Ikramul Haque Tituk Bhai.

Engineer Nurul Amin Kalam, General Secretary of Mymensingh District Civic Movement and Struggle Council, said that he is a hard-working public representative, who has nothing to say about himself, who is equal in everyone's happiness and sorrow, who is patient in all situations, who is free from pride, who is always satisfied, who does not hate anyone. , who is the ally of all, is the beloved personality of the people of Mymensingh, who is always running on the streets, from the neighborhoods to every ward, to the workplace, to the ministry, to improve the quality of citizen services. On normal working days, they are running for various tasks including expanding road development, increasing drainage facilities, removing garbage from mountains, freeing them from traffic jams. On weekends, even at night, the rush is non-stop

like a traveler Objective How to make the city corporation council of Mymensingh free from corruption and build a planned, modern livable city. He is the elected first mayor of Mymensingh City Corporation, Vice President of Mymensingh Metropolitan Awami League Md. Ikramul Haque Titu.

Engineer Nurul Amin Kalam also said, taking over the responsibility of Mymensingh City Corporation for a day, not even a moment, who did not stop, who is a wonderful and always smiling person to the people of Mymensingh from all walks of life, who is the pride and icon of the young generation Md. Ikramul Haque Titu.

In this regard, District Awami League General Secretary Advocate Moazzem Hossain Babul said that compared to the past, the development activities of the City Corporation have gained a lot of speed. Giving ministerial status to this city father, home to around five lakh people, will increase his activities. And it will benefit the city dwellers. The reputation of the current head of government Deshrat Sheikh Hasina and Awami League will increase.

Advocate Nazrul Islam Chunnu, Convener of Public Enterprises Mymensingh, said that the 235-year-old city of Mymensingh is now one of the most important divisional cities and city corporations in the country. To the government for giving the status of minister and state minister respectively to the mayors of two cities of Dhaka, Narayanganj and Chittagong.

Congratulations. But the disparity of the government's perspective is reflected by not giving any status to the mayors of Mymensingh and other cities. As a result, other mayors may be hampered in fulfilling their responsibilities and duties. I think balanced policies are a prerequisite for balanced development. He strongly demanded on behalf of Nagkirs to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to issue a notification with the status of state minister to all city corporation mayors of the country, including the popular mayor of Mymensingh City Corporation, Ikramul Haque Titu.

Gana Kalyan Parishad (GKP) executive director, founder of Shambhuganj GKP Honors College and president of the governing body distinguished educationist Dr. Lion. Md. Sirajul Islam said, after being elected, Mayor Titu has expressed his conviction that the problems that are still there in the construction of Mymensingh City, which are much expected and desired by the people, will be transformed into a prosperous city by the development of this city very soon. He is working day and night with the aim of presenting Mymensingh city as a prosperous city through action planning with responsibility. To build a planned, digitized and prosperous city by giving city mayor Titu the status of a minister, we, the citizens of Mymensingh are appealing to the father of the nation, Bangabandhu, the daughter of democracy, the current head of the government, the mother of the nation leader, Sheikh Hasina.

Abdur Rab, the former district commander of the Freedom Fighters Parliament, said that if the mayor is given the status of a minister to fully implement the hopes and dreams of the current government Prime Minister Deshrat Sheikh Hasina for the ancient city, he will be able to bring more allocations and develop more than expected. I think you can. Through this, the expectations of freedom fighters and people who want freedom will be reflected.