Chutki Vandar coming this Eid

Actor, director Shamim Zaman has made a ten-episode drama titled ‘Chutki Vandar’ with the coming Eid-ul-Fitr in view. A K M Hasan, Shamim Zaman, Jamil, Titan Chowdhury, Dolon, Amanul Haque Helal and many more have acted in the drama. 

The drama is to be aired from the Eid day to the tenth day of Eid. The drama series has been produced with the theme of Bengali custom of ten ‘chutkis’. The shooting of the drama series has already been finished at Pubail near the capital. 

Regarding the drama, Shamim Zaman says, “Generally people like to watch comedy dramas on the occasion of Eid celebrations. I have made ‘Chutki Vandar’ with that thought. The drama has been themed around ten individual stories in ten episodes.”

The stories presented in the drama are --- father son quarrel, television burglar, blind Mofiz, weid wife, suicide news, where’s the idiot, three slaps and my sister in law is not good. The drama series has been written by Fazlul Selim, Ruhul Amin Pothik, Sezan Nur and Amanul Haque Helal.