Chuadanga General Hospital facing shortage of doctors

Published : 16 May 2024 10:33 PM

Chuadanga 100-bed hospital is facing shortage of doctors, depriving patients of the desired services.

The Chuadanga 50-bed hospital was upgraded to 100-bed one in 2003. Despite the increase in beds, the health care institution does not have the required number of manpower. 

There are 22 posts of first-class doctors in the hospital. Of them, the hospital does not have permanent staff in 21 posts and doctors have been appointed in nine posts on temporary basis from other hospitals. There are no doctors in the remaining 13 posts. Several posts in class II, III and IV are also vacant. Because of this, the patients complain that they are not getting the desired services from the hospital.

The patients who came for treatment said due to the heat wave in Chuadanga, many people are suffering from various diseases, including diarrhoea, fever, cold and cough, pneumonia, shortness of breath and dehydration. But this 100-bed hospital is running with 50-bed manpower. Three to four times more patients are being admitted every day. They are being deprived of health care services due to shortage of manpower.

According to hospital sources, there is no permanent manpower in 21 posts. However, three posts of senior consultant (orthopaedic & surgery), junior consultant (surgery), junior consultant (orthopaedic & surgery), medical officer, dental surgeon, medical Officer Homeo and Ayurvedic posts have been attached to other hospitals. 

There are vacancies for Senior Consultant Ophthalmology, Anaesthesia, Senior Consultant Paediatrics, Medicine and Junior Consultant ENT, Radiology and Medical Officer.

Kushtia Medical College Associate Professor (Surgery) Dr Waliur Rahman Nayan has been attached to Chuadanga Sadar Hospital since 2016 as a senior consultant. Besides, Junior Consultant (Cardiology) has been attached to Damurhuda Upazila Health Complex since 2014. Md Abul Hossain and junior consultant (gynaecology) Dr Hosne Jari Tahmina. Alamdanga Upazila Health Complex is attached to Junior Consultant (Child) Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman Milan and Junior Consultant (Cardiology) Noore Alam Ashrafi. Sadar Upazila Health Complex is connected to Dr. Md. Asadur Rahman Malik. Besides, three medical officers from Alamdanga Upazila and Sadar Upazila Health Complex have been attached to Sadar Hospital since 2019.

Out of 67 posts of Class II, two posts of nursing supervisor are vacant. There are 54 posts of Senior Staff nurses. Among them, there is no local manpower in 51 posts. The positions are filled with nurses from other hospitals. There are two posts of permanently appointed nurses. There are 35 Class III manpower posts. This includes permanent manpower for the posts of Office Assistant, Health Educator and Medicine Technician (ECHO). The rest of the posts are filled with manpower from other hospitals.

Out of 148 class-IV posts, four are permanent staff. Besides, 11 posts are vacant. The remaining posts are filled with manpower from other hospitals.

In this regard, resident medical officer of Chuadanga Sadar Hospital, Dr. Umm Farhana, said that although the hospital has 100 beds, it is running with 50 beds. Three-four times more patients are being admitted here against the beds. However, being a 100-bed hospital, food needs of more admitted patients cannot be met. Food prepared for 100 beds is being distributed among the patients of the ward. Due to excessive heat in the past few days, the number of patients in diarrhoea and children's wards has increased. If the manpower is increased, it would be convenient to provide the service. The hospital has enough saline and medicine. They are being provided to the patients.