Christmas celebrated in Rajshahi

Published : 25 Dec 2020 09:37 PM

The Christmas was celebrated with limited religious fervour and formalities in Rajshahi on Friday. People belonged to the Christian religion start their day's special prayer in the churches of 21 Dharmapalli (Religious villages) of the district from Thursday night. 

On Friday morning, prayers were held commemorating Jesus Christ in various churches including at Baganpara and Dingadoba churches of the city. Christian religious people prayed for freeing the entire world including Bangladesh from the grip of Coronavirus pandemic. 

However, the grandeurs of functions of the Christmas celebration was less this year than those of previous years. Christian families arranged special foods including cake in observance of the day. 

Religious songs and Kirton were served at a limited scale and prayers were offered seeking relief from the Corona and happiness, prosperity, welfare of people of the world including the people of Bangladesh.

The villages of aboriginal Christian belonged to minor ethnic groups in Rajshahi were shrouded in festivity on the occasion of the X-mas day. The observed the day with a huge inspiration and spirit. Police took special measure to ensure law and order situation at the churches on this day.