Chris was rejected by Marvel for ‘Thor’!

Published : 31 Oct 2021 09:54 PM | Updated : 03 Nov 2021 01:23 PM

Chris Hemsworth over the past decade has not only reclaimed his position in Hollywood but also became an impeccable ‘Thor’, that no one can ever even imagine any other actor replacing him. Starting his Marvel journey with his first standalone saga in 2011, Hemsworth has featured in three standalone flicks and multiple films where he was with the ensemble. But did you know his initial audition to play the Asgardian prince was outright rejected by the Marvel team?

While Chris Hemsworth is back at playing ‘God Of Thunder’ in ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ directed by Taika Waititi, the man has lost the job of playing the character at many instances. One was even losing it to Brother Liam Hemsworth. Now as per the latest reports the actor had even auditioned to play the part before the one that got his selected. During the first, Marvel rejected him upfront. 

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In the new behind-the-scenes book called “The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe” by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry, ‘Thor’ co-producer and future franchise writer Craig Kyle talks about the same. He says they did not know that Chris Hemsworth wasn’t well while he taped his audition. He says they put him out of the race right there but were still looking for their Thor after that.

 “We put out some other sides that were inspired by [writer J. Michael] Straczynski’s run [on the comics]—basically a bar room scene where Thor’s regaling the room with a captivating tale. That scene gave the character a chance to bluster and be fun,” ‘Thor’ producer Kyle said.

When Chris Hemsworth came to know about the change in scene, he jumped to the opportunity and with the help of his mom recorded another tape. The new one left everyone including Kevin Feige and the team impressed with it.

“It was meant to be,” Craig Kyle continued. “Chris had a vocal coach that helped him with his accent. She was working with another [Elsa Pataky] and said, ‘Oh, I think you guys would hit it off splendidly.” They did hit it off, and the pair got married in 2010. “So Thor brought Chris lots of good things,” Kyle concluded.

Well, we are lucky that Chris Hemsworth was roped in.

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