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Chris's ‘Extraction 2’ has started filming

Published : 04 Dec 2021 08:52 PM | Updated : 06 Dec 2021 01:09 PM

Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth has shared a sneak-peek from the first day of shooting of the ‘Extraction’ sequel and unveiled a strikingly different setting.

The Netflix action flick is likely to follow a very different stylistic space from the first film as Chris Hamsworth shifts from Bangladesh to Prague.

‘Extraction 2’ is expected to answer how Tyler Rake survived after the first film's terrific events. The sequel will also be an expansion of the story from the first film of the franchise and its drop jaw-dropping action.

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Capturing himself and director Sam Hargraves on a moving train in Prague amidst chilling snow, Chris Hemsworth said on his Instagram video that the sequel will reveal Tyler's survival story and it has definitely captured the fans' attention.

"Two things are very different from the last film, 1, very very cold 2, I'm alive," said Chris Hamsworth in the short Instagram clip.

"Extraction 2" was supposed to be shot in Australia. However, due to Covid 19 restrictions, Netflix moved the production to Prague.

Though the filming of ‘Extraction 2’ has kicked off recently, Chris Hemsworth has been gearing up for the role with heavy workouts for the last few months.

Earlier, the actor shared his training video and revealed how he started following a specific diet and exercise regime for the film.

‘Extraction 2’ is expected to be released in 2022. Chris Hemsworth will also be seen in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ due to release in July 2022.

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