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Chris reveals if he would return for more ‘Thor’ movies

Published : 07 Dec 2021 07:27 PM | Updated : 08 Dec 2021 12:36 PM

Following the news that Tom Holland has three more ‘Spider-Man' movies in the works, Chris Hemsworth comments on whether he plans to sign on for more ‘Thor’ films. Alongside Robert Downey Jr.'s ‘Iron Man’ and Chris Evans' ‘Captain America’, Hemworth's Thor served as one of the MCU's key pillars in its early days. The Australian actor has made seven onscreen appearances in the franchise, with his eighth arriving next year in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. The announcement of Love and Thunder came as much of a surprise back in 2019 since no other MCU character had ever received a fourth solo movie.

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Thor: Love and Thunder's plot details are still being kept under wraps, though director Taika Waititi has promised a colorful and romantic adventure. Beyond the 2022 film, Hemsworth's future in the MCU is a big question mark. Last year, he said ‘Thor 4’ won't be his final Marvel movie, but it remains to be seen where he might go next. That likely won't become clear until after the film arrives, but one thing is already certain: Hemsworth is ready for whatever lies ahead. 

Hemsworth recently appeared on Australia's The Today Show (via, calling in from Prague as he films ‘Extraction 2’ for Netflix. The hosts brought up how Hemsworth's MCU co-star Tom Holland reportedly has three more ‘Spider-Man’ movies in the works, and asked Hemsworth if he's interested in getting a similar treatment. 

Of course, there are many fans who would likely be quick to say otherwise, just as the Today Show hosts swiftly did. Hemsworth's last solo effort, 2017's ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, completely redefined who the character is in the MCU, and there's been renewed interest among fans in seeing him continue on in the franchise. ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ will further his arc, but if it isn't being structured as a sendoff for the God of Thunder, then audiences can expect more of him in the future. Odds are, that won't be viewed as a bad thing. -Screen Rant

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