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China working ‘silently’ to resolve Rohingya crisis: Ambassador

Published : 26 Oct 2022 10:15 PM | Updated : 27 Oct 2022 01:57 PM

Chinese Ambassador Li Jiming said on Tuesday that western pressure would not help in any way in solving the Myanmar problem and that Beijing was working “silently” to get the issue resolved.

“The problem has to be solved bilaterally. We have an Asian way of solving it. The Europeans or the American way will not help. We are working silently. Surely, it will have its impacts,” he said.

The ambassador was replying to questions at an event of the Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (DCAB) at Jatiya Press club.

China is part of a tripartite mechanism with Bangladesh and Myanmar to resolve the Rohingya crisis.

The ambassador said China wants a "peaceful and stable" Bangladesh to continue the pace of development.

 “Peace and stability are preconditions for development. Any problem, therefore, should be solved in a democratic and peaceful way,” he said.

 The ambassador said China considers Bangladesh as a "very good strategic partner" and continues to improve the relations with it.

 “Even, we don't have any strategic rivalry with India. If we work together, many of the regional problems will be solved," he said.

 “At regional and international arenas, China has coordinated with Bangladesh on a wide range of hot spots. As per the issue of displaced persons from Rakhine State, China keeps pooling efforts in pursuing early repatriation, and, at the same time, helps to improve settlement facilities to relieve local sufferings. In April and June, I personally visited the settlement camps in Cox’s Bazar and Bhasan Char, and handed over medical equipment donated by the Chinese Government to local hospitals, aiming to meet the increasing local demands for health service,” he said.

“Under the able leaderships from both ends, China-Bangladesh relations have grown healthily and steadily, and foresee a promising outlook. Next year, we will celebrate the 48th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations, the 10th anniversary of the launching of BRI, and the 7th anniversary of our Strategic Partnership of Cooperation.

 “China is ready to work with all Bangladeshi friends to take this opportunity to comprehensively review our relations, and to map the way forward to a brighter future for both and for all,” said the ambassador.

 He said the year of 2022 has been tough in many senses. When the world economy was scrambling out of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unexpected armed conflict broke out in Europe and cast shadow over the prospect for global recovery.

 With the international supply chain interrupted, prices of essentials soar. Some countries’ decoupling attempts make the scenario even worse.

 Aggressive monetary policies adopted by some Western central banks have yet curtailed their domestic inflation, but are draining out forex reserves in developing countries. Peace and development, the theme of our times, are being challenged unprecedentedly.

 “In such a critical time, China, as a faithful friend and reliable strategic partner, has been standing firmly with Bangladesh like always,” he said.

 “Our bilateral relations over the past year are featured with frequent interactions at high-levels, closer ties in economic cooperation and post-pandemic recovery, intensive fruits of development partnership, and extensive coordination on regional and international issues,” he said.

 Replying to a question of Chinese debt trap, the ambassador said there was no Chinese debt trap in Bangladesh. “There is no Chinese debt trap globally,” he said.

 DCAB President Rezaul Karim Lotus and General Secretary AKM Moinuddin also spoke at the event.

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