Rohingya repatriation

China to stand beside Bangladesh: Dr Momen

China would remain stand beside Bangladesh as regards the Rohingya repatriation process with Dhaka facing a great challenge in the pursuit of sending back the Rohingyas to their homeland in Myanmar, said Foreign Minister Dr A K Abdul Momen on Wednesday. “Myanmar depends on many foreign countries. And these counties have assured us of extending all out cooperation in the Rohingya repatriation process,” he said.

He came up with this statement while speaking at a national dialogue on “Repatriation of forcibly displaced nationals of Myanmar” at National Press Club in the city. The Rohingyas have been subjected to an historic tragedy of which the international community is well aware.
Abdul Momen said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina talked to the Chinese President and the Prime Minister over the issue. “They said it is urgently needed to repatriate the Rohingyas. And definitely, China will cooperate with us to this end,” he said.

Equating the Rohingya crisis with a regional problem, he said it would not only affect Bangladesh but also Myanmar if the repatriation process is delayed. “The Rohingyas are timid people. They don’t trust their government. We have told the Myanmar government to take back their people and give them citizenship, and ensure their security everywhere so that they will be able to move freely and live independently,” the foreign minister said.

Referring to providing shelter to Rohingyas, he said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set an example by providing shelter to the forcibly displaced Rohingyas.“Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given them shelter on humanitarian ground. The world community now continued to praise Bangladesh for providing shelter to Rohingyas,” Abdul Momen said. So all should be grateful to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, he added.

“Of course, Rohingyas will return to their country. And they will go back all together. We are doing everything whatever we need to expedite the repatriation process of Rohingya people,” he said.As Bangladesh is hosting over 11 lakhs Rohingyas, the refugees have now become a big burden for country, experts say.

Besides, the Rohingya refugees have also posed a serious security threat not only to Bangladesh but also many countries in Asian region. To add further concerns, the Rohingyas have already destroyed hills and forests in order to make makeshift houses, facilities and cooking fuel in Ukhia and Teknaf of Cox's Bazar, threatening the biodiversity of the southern district.

The Rohingyas staying in various Cox’s Bazar refugee camps, since 2017, have significantly damaged hills and forests ranging over 6200 acres of land, with estimated loss of Tk 1,865.56 crore in 2 years. They are now staying in 34 refugee camps at Cox’s Bazar Sadar, Kutubdia, Moheshkhali, Pekua, Ramu, Teknaf, Ukhia and Chakaria. In a report the Cox's Bazar Forest Department (South) informed the Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation Division, Chittagong, that as a result of mass deforestation the biodiversity across a large area has already been affected badly

A peaceful solution to the Rohingya crisis is a must as they continued engaging themselves in various crimes, fueling concern over security and safety of Bangladesh, experts say. If the burning issue is left unresolved, the crisis can destabilise the county and entire region as well, they added. The foreign countries like neighbouring India, China, USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and United Nations also assured Bangladesh of proving all sort of supports in order to force the Myanmar government to take their nationals back to their homeland.