Chicken pox cases increase in Kishoreganj

Published : 31 Mar 2023 09:16 PM

Chicken pox patients are increasing in Kishoreganj. Patients are turning to pharmacies instead of doctors. Conscious people are worried about this. They say with concern that chicken pox sufferers in Kishoreganj roam the streets without any care. However, if one becomes infected with this disease, he or she should stay in isolation at home. However, they go to the pharmacy and buy medicine instead of going to the doctor. It is creating panic in the public mind.

It is known that the locals are suddenly affected by chicken pox in the district. In addition to the city, the outbreak of this virus is seen more in the villages. Children, teenagers and all age groups are affected. But children and teenagers are the most affected. After the attack, the patients are turning to the pharmacy Meanwhile, various non-governmental organizations say that the number of patients affected by chicken pox in the district is 1,500. However, according to sources in the Civil Surgeon's office, about 250 people have been infected with chicken pox in the district in the last two years. When asked whether vaccination is given to prevent this disease by the government, sources said that the government's Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) has not taken up the vaccination program to prevent this disease.

Doctors say, slight fever, headache and body itching are assumed to be chicken pox. Children aged 5 to 9 years and people over 60 are affected. The prevalence of this disease is mainly from January to May. It can spread through sneezing, coughing, spitting, being together and eating. The blister that contains the germs of chicken pox can spread the disease even if it bursts. Sometimes this disease also causes death.

On the surface, it has been seen that local neem leaves and raw yellow beet are applied to the whole body of the chicken pox sufferers and they are waiting for hours. Some are bathing in neem leaf hot water. Many are giving bottled water to the affected area, some are drinking water. He is taking treatment secretly at the pharmacy.

Rickshaw puller Hannan Mia, 30, a resident of Boulai Union of Sadar Upazila, has blisters all over her body, starting from her head and face. He is driving a rickshaw with this body. When talking to him, he said, what should I do, if I don't drive the rickshaw, how will I arrange for rice? Driving a rickshaw under compulsion. 5 days ago when blisters are coming on the body, I am buying medicine from the pharmacy. I am taking that medicine. I have left it to God to be good or not. Sixty-four-year-old woman Kusum of Gaital area of the district town was infected with chicken pox in July last year. With this body, he cooked for the family members. Carefree with family members. He also bought medicine from the pharmacy. Tanya Akter of Sagra area of Sadar Upazila was infected with chicken pox 3 days ago. She is receiving treatment at home. She is also buying medicine from the pharmacy near the house. Walking with neighbors. A doctor who did not wish to be named said that the number of patients suffering from chicken pox is increasing day by day. Every day someone comes for treatment. But most of the patients go to the pharmacy without coming to us. They are buying medicine without our advice. These need to be controlled.

Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College assistant professor doctor Mir Noor Us Saad Saikat said that chicken pox is basically a viral disease. Isolation is essential in case of this disease. Anti-viral, anti-histamine drugs should be used in case of this disease. Sufferers should consume plenty of fluids and foods rich in vitamin C.

He said, once someone has chicken pox, the body of the affected person naturally develops immunity which protects the patient from chicken pox for the rest of his life.

Saiful Islam, civil surgeon of Kishoreganj, said that chicken pox is not a dangerous disease. It is contagious. My advice would be to keep the affected patients in isolation and seek medical attention without fear.