‘Cheating Master’ steps into 400th episode

The serial drama 'Cheating Master' written and directed by producer Sanjit Sarkar was first aired on the satellite channel RTV in 2018. After more than two years of airing the series, the 400th episode of the drama will be aired on RTV today.

The special episode of 'Cheating Master' will be aired on RTV tonight at 9:20 pm. Earlier, Sanjit Sarkar's play 'ItiDulabhai' was aired for 150 episodes. But this is the first time in his life that more than 200 or 400 episodes of his series have been aired.

Sanjit Sarkar said, "It's a milestone for a producer who is in the 400th episode of a series." This is a great achievement for me. I am sincerely grateful to the RTV authorities. I would like to thank Arfan Ahmed, Akham Hasan, MoniraMithApu, Abdullah Rana Bhai, Nadia Nadi and Tariq Swapan. Because they did a great job in making the play acceptable to the audience in the beginning. I am indebted to them. 

Later, those who have been involved in the play at different times like Saju Khadem, Pran Roy, Niloy, Mummy Apa, Irene Tani and many others have also played a very good role in the popularity of the play. Honestly, everyone in the unit has a different role in creating a drama. So, I am grateful to the whole unit. ' Salha Khanam Nadia has won the RTV Star Award for Best Actress for her role in the film twice in a row.

Nadia said, "I got the love of the audience by acting in 'Cheating Master'. I want to act in better stories in the future with the love of the audience. And of course, thanks, thanks to Sanjit Sarkar Dada, for helping me to portray myself properly in this play. The whole unit is very sincere. That's why we have been able to do it with joyfully for so many days.