Chandpur receives Tk 661cr remittance in 10 months

Published : 18 Dec 2023 09:06 PM

Chandpur has received foreign remittances of Tk 661 crore 50 lakh from 3 lakh 65 thousand expatriates from January to October of the current financial year. The information was received from regional offices of 5 state-owned Banks of Chandpur recently.

According to the information received, from January to October 2022-23, 20 branches of Sonali Bank received foreign remittances of Tk 149.7 million, 20 branches of Agrani Bank received foreign remittances of Tk 250.21 million, Janata Bank's 21 branches received Tk 133 million, Bangladesh Krishi Bank's 28 branches received Tk 71 million. crores, Rupali Bank's 13 branches achieved remittances of Tk 57 crore 69 lakhs.

Deputy General of Sonali Bank in Chandpur, Md Farukh Hasan said about Chandpur's remittance achievement, “Remittance is the key to economic development of our country now. This increases the bank's reserves. Foreign remittances have been playing an important role in people's daily life besides increasing their financial well-being. The role of remittance is essential in the overall economic development of the country including Chandpur.’

Incidentally, beautiful buildings are seen in every house due to the money sent by expatriates in the villages of Chandpur. The banks work with enough sincerity for their overall transactions. The remittances sent in exchange of labor by the expatriates of Chandpur are creating liquidity in about two hundred bank branches and a few shopping malls in the district. 

The foreign remittances of the expatriates have changed the picture in terms of infrastructure development in their respective houses or buildings, business and trade, education, agriculture, infrastructure development in their respective areas, mosques, madrasahs and orphanages. Recently, according to the information of Chandpur Manpower and Employment Bureau, there are 12 million Bangladeshi expatriates in 162 countries of the world. Among the other districts of the country, Chandpur ranks 6th in terms of expatriation. 

According to the sources of Manpower and Employment Office of Chandpur, 3 lakh 65 thousand legal workers of Chandpur in different countries of the world including the Middle East send remittances from their workplaces to their nearest relatives through banks and other agencies. There are numerous other remittances obtained illegally or by development or otherwise for which no statistics are known. Saudi Arabia is the biggest labor market of Bangladesh. 

It is followed by Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan and Libya. Concerned people think this is a huge achievement for riverine Chandpur. However, most of the expatriates of Chandpur are spending labor in the Middle East and Arab countries. Chandpur has expatriate workers in many countries of the world including Malaysia, Italy, France, Singapore, Japan, South Korea. They are sending these remittances.

The expatriates of Chandpur send these remittances every month through various international and Bangladesh Bank authorized agencies. Some banks are only doing money transactions through a secret pin number. Many expatriate customers also send money as their personal account. Meanwhile, Chandpur's Uttara, Pharmas, Mercantile, Prime, Dutch-Bangla, City, National, United Commercial, Trust etc. banks transact remittances from expatriates, but because the controlling divisional office of these banks in Chandpur is in Comilla and Bikash expressed their inability to provide transaction information, this report It was not included in this report of Chandpur Times as it was not possible to mention. 

Foreign remittances sent by expatriates are increasing the country's reserves. Employment generation and socio-economic conditions are improving greatly. Each foreign remittance desk and help desk of some banks have been opened to provide services separately. The bank branch is determined to provide the best service in this regard. The bank is able to pay the desired amount of money to its customer within a few minutes after the expatriates send the money. Bangladeshi expatriates send the money from their respective workplaces through various financial investment agencies approved by Bangladesh Bank.