Chandpur city protection dam ruptures

Published : 11 Jul 2020 12:11 AM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 07:42 PM
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Puranbazar Harisava area of Chandpur city protection dam is at risk due to erosion of Pramatta Meghna. Cracks have appeared in a few places. The Water Development Board (WDB) has started throwing sandbags to avoid the risk.

The proposed Tk 430 crore project for the renovation of the city protection dam was postponed last March.

The WDB engineer said the Chandpur city protection dam had not been repaired for a long time. A dam has to be repaired every five or ten years. But it was not done.

Chandpur Water Development Board Executive Engineer Md Babul Akhtar said the Harisava area was at risk due to rising water and currents in the Meghna River. The 90 meter area here has been identified as risky.

He said, “Sandbags were being dumped to prevent erosion. One thousand sacks have already been thrown. More will be dropped. A total of 15,000 sandbags will be dumped here.”

"We are very scared," said Bimal, a local resident. Locals are spending sleepless nights in fear of demolition. Many residents have fled the area in fear of erosion.

After receiving the news, senior officials of the Water Development Board, leaders of the Chandpur Chamber of Commerce and other administration officials visited the spot.

Tamal Kumar Ghosh, vice-president of the Chandpur Chamber of Commerce, said the area is at risk during the monsoon season every year. 

Last year, several houses in the Harisava area were washed away by the river. He said the locals of Harisava area are in fear of demolition. There is also a Hindu shrine here. Besides, the business area of the traditional Puranbazar is also at risk. Permanent measures are needed to prevent erosion.

Local resident Kalu Hawladar said, “We are in panic. At any time the area could be submerged in the riverbed. Permanent measures need to be taken to prevent erosion.”

Chandpur Sadar Model Police OC said Md Nasim Uddin said the Harisava area is at risk of erosion. Police have been deployed at the spot to maintain law and order.

The ministry was informed to conduct a survey and re-submit the project. But due to corona it has 

not yet been possible to create a project for the study.

It is to be mentioned that the location of Chandpur city protection dam with an area of 3360 meters.