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Chandni returns with ‘Oshomapto Cha’

Published : 08 Feb 2022 07:49 PM

Mehbooba Mahnoor Chandni, known as Chandni is a Bangladeshi model, actress and dancer returns with her upcoming short film titled ‘Oshomapto Cha’, directed by Mahmud Niaz Chandradwip. 

The short film ‘Oshomapto Cha’ has been selected for screening at the Dhaka International Short Film Festival. The matter was confirmed by Mousumi Acharya the story; screenplay and dialogue writer of the short film. 

It is learnt that the film tells the story of a woman becoming a wife and mother from her daughter. How a girl's small dreams, aspirations and desires get lost in the change of time and reality; When the burden of responsibility and duty falls on the shoulders of women, how those small dreams are crushed under her; That have been highlighted in the film, which is the image of the present society.

It is to be mentioned that after a break of almost five years, dancer and actress Chandni returned to acting in the short film ‘Oshomapto Cha’. Regarding the context Chandni said, 'I want to spend the rest of my life in good deeds. This is just a new beginning.’