Chanchal resumes shooting

Shooting, editing, dubbing — all are done for the film “Paap Punya’. But in the final stage, it was seen that it would have been better to have some shots of Chanchal Chowdhury in some scenes of the film. 

For this reason, Chanchal Chowdhury went outside Dhaka and gave four new shots for the film. After Staying at home for about four months due to coronavirus, the small and big screen actor returned to work by shooting for the film ‘Paap Punya’.

Chanchal took part in the shooting of this film directed by Gias Uddin Selim last Wednesday evening. He said, “All the work on the film has already been completed. 

Seeing the end, the director thought I would need a few new shots for the film. Today (Wednesday) evening I did the work. It took a couple of hours.”

Chanchal further said that he will shoot drama from July 11 to 30. He will act in three seven-episode dramas by Masud Sejan, Sagar Jahan and Shamim Zaman. 

Work will start on July 11 with the shooting of Masud Sejan’s drama. He will also do 2 to 3 one hour dramas. It will take time till July 30 to complete all the work.

How much is he thinking about the safety of the shooting? Chanchal said, “Not everyone is working. For those of us who find it easy to work with and who I trust, I will do a few things for now. 

Although it is possible to follow all the rules of hygiene, acting and shooting alone are not possible. So the risk remains. Those of us who only do this work, their livelihood comes only from the income of shooting. 

I have been sitting around for four months. No matter how great an artiste you are, life will not go on if you are sitting idle.”