Poetry Corner

Chance meet on old path

Md Saifuddin Al Quaderi

Walking through this desolate,

deserted place devoid of humanely nature,

I stumbled across a shard of honesty.

The fragment asks me "Which way to truth?"

A simple question from a humble shard

but with unfathomable weight.

I searched around for words,

trying to decipher the way in my thoughts.

But what came out were only spews of lies

tangled out in perfect, cohesive syllables.

The shard believed it all and followed

a path leading to the realms of Tartarus.

Alas! I too had become one of them-

Those who tangle people in words

just as Medusa tangles her victims in her venomous gaze.

I too tangled the shard of honesty through an ethereal attempt.

But as I ponder, walking past the shard,

what was this incumbent creature,

manifested into a form of overburdened entity?

And what was this truth it was looking for?

The writer is a wannabe scholar studying at 

Notre Dame University Bangladesh