Champa to star on Bishwa Sundori

Five-time National Film Award winner veteran actor Champa has joined the ‘Bishwa Sundori’ film this year. The actor has been involved in the shooting of the film in Narsingdi's Shibpur since July 5. Siyam and Porimoni are playing the lead roles of this film.

This is the first time Siam and Porimoni have worked together in a film. Rumman Rashid Khan wrote the script, screenplay and dialogue of the film ‘Biswa Sundori’, directed by Chayanika Chowdhury.

“I have agreed to do the film without knowing the story of the film and my character,” said Champa. “In recent times no movies is being made where our vetran actors are focused. However, the character I am playing and the way the audience will see me in the movie has not been done by me before. It feels good working with Siam and Porimoni. While working with Porimoni, I realized that she has all the qualities of being a good film actor. Afterwards, I told several producers about Porimoni. And, recently I got to know Siam while working on another film called 'Shan'. I think the ‘Biswa Sundori’ will take Siam-Porimoni to another height.

It is to be noted that Sun Music and Motion Pictures Limited is producing ‘Biswa Sundori’. It is reported that another talented actor Subarna Mustafa is supposed to act in the film but she is not working in the film.

“We are not getting her because our shooting schedule does not match”, director Chayanika Chowdhury said. “But her blessings are always there, I hope to work more together in the future”, She added.