Champa-starrer Ovagini Ma on Channel-i

Starring actor Champa in the central character, a special telefilm titled ‘Ovagini Ma’ has been made for Channel-i. The telefilm is written by Manas Pal and directed by Golam Habib Litu.

Alongside Champa—who has played as a distressed mother, the telefilm casts Shabnam Faria, Jibon Roy, Babu, Soheli and Brishti, among others.

In the telefilm, Rini and Niel are two friends. Two young girl and boy of the city. They are looking for a woman named Marjina (Champa). For this reason, they for the first time come to the village. Why do they search this woman? Though Rini knows the answer, Niel knows nothing about it. Rini doesn’t answer to any question of Niel. The story of the telefilm moves forward with a situation like this.

The telefilm was aired yesterday at 2:45pm on Channel-i.