Chairman, son beat up UP member over extortion money share

Published : 29 Oct 2020 08:35 PM

It was alleged that an UP member Babul Hossain was seriously injured by terrorist attack led by Goga Union Parishad chairman in Sharsha upazila of Jashore district on Tuesday afternoon over distribution and sharing of drugs and extortion money.  

Locals rescued him seriously injured and tried to take him to the hospital, but the chairman obstructed him on the way. However, he was later rescued by the Upazila Awami League leaders and admitted to Jashore Queen's Hospital in the town.

Locals said Goga Union Parishad chairman Abdur Rashid himself was involved in extortion and drug trafficking. His son Samrat Hossain is accused of a drug case.

Babul Miah, a member of the same union along with Rashid's son Samrat Hossain, shared various misdeeds. Animosity arose between them over the seizure of a Phensedyl shipment of Samrat. Moreover, in ward 3 of Harish Chandrapur village of the union, a big amount of money collected from various sources including arbitration and extortion was shared between Babul members and Samrat. As a result, some of the villagers became angry at their misdeeds and complained to the chairman against Babul Miah. However, chairman did not take any notice of any complaint against his own son Samrat. 

 So, after receiving the complaint, Rashid Chairman asked Babul member to return one lakh  and 64 thousand taka that was collected from various ill sources. At that time, Babul member said, “I did not take money alone. Your son Samrat also shared with me regularly.”  Nevertheless, Rashid chairman continued pressure on Babul to back money. Later Babul member returned one lakh taka to Chairman Rashid.

Meanwhile, before the election, Rashid chairman borrowed tk 1, 20,000 from Babul member.  Later Babul member wanted that money back. He even informed the local MP Sheikh Afil Uddin about the money. MP asked the chairman to return the money. After that Rashid chairman became angry.

On Tuesday morning, as Babul member was sitting in a tea shop in Goga Bazar, Rashid Chairman along with his son attacked Babul member in collusion with a terrorist group.  

Babul member was seriously injured in the terrorist attack.

Motahar Hossain, general secretary of Goga Union Awami League, said that Rashid's son Samrat was a well-known notorious drug dealer. There is also a drug case against  him in Sharsha police station.

Razia Khatun, wife of Babul member, said, “My husband was admitted to Jashore General Hospital after undergoing CT scan from Jashore Queens Hospital due to severe head injuries.”

Sharsha Police Officer-in-Charge (O C) Badrul Alam said, “We have not received any complaint yet." Legal action will be taken if any complaint is received.