CGTN resumes broadcasting in Germany

Published : 06 Mar 2021 11:45 PM

Vodafone Germany resumed distributing CGTN (China Global Television Network) and its documentary channel on Friday around 7am through its cable service, a spokesperson of CGTN has confirmed.

The service resumption came after the French media regulator gave the confirmation letter stating that CGTN's right to broadcast in Europe falls under its jurisdiction, 

The spokesperson said with the issuance of the letter, the legitimate right of CGTN to broadcast in relevant European countries has been restored.

Earlier several media outlets reported that Australian broadcaster Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) decided to suspend the broadcast of CGTN and CCTV news programme after assessing the relevant situation, including a 15-minute CGTN English-language programme and a 30-minute CCTV Mandarin-language programme.

“Our preliminary verification shows that CCTV signed an agreement with SBS authorising SBS to re-transmit certain Mandarin-language programs free of charge in 2006, but the said agreement does not give SBS the right to broadcast CGTN programmes. CGTN will look into the matter and hope that relevant parties will act in strict accordance with the law,” the spokesperson said.