Certificates without taking jabs!

Published : 18 Feb 2022 08:33 PM

In Sujanagar upazila of Pabna district, Abdur Razzak and Mosha Hasina Khatun did not receive any vaccine. However, they are waiting for vaccination date following their registration. 

After a long time, when they printed the registration card according to the number that came on his mobile for receiving the vaccine they found that they had been vaccinated. There is also a date for vaccination. 

He came to the Upazila Health Complex with much surprised. Seeing this, the officials in charge of vaccination got confused. The incident took place at Sujanagar Upazila Health Complex on Thursday. 

Abdur Razzak, who got the certificate even without taking jabs, is the son of late Belayet Ali Pramanik of Bhabanipur (Kancharipara) area of Ward 3 of Sujanagar Municipality and the other is Abdur Razzak's wife Mosha Hasina Khatun.  The certificate mentions the date of taking the 1st dose of Abdur Razzak’s Covid-19 vaccine as 09-08-2021 and the date of taking the second dose as 09-10-2021. The registration number for vaccination is 507611349432833945. The number of the vaccination certificate is BD 868920644490.  Similarly the date of receiving the 1st dose of Covid-19 vaccine of Hasina Khatun is on 09-08-2021 and also the date of taking the second dose of 09-10-2021. Registration number is 507611349432833973. The number of the vaccination certificate is BD 767128034508. 

Abdur Razzak and Hasina Khatun came to vaccinate on Thursday. They were seen coming to the designated booth of the hospital with the previous registration card for vaccination and talking to different people. 

While talking to them Abdur Razzak said that on August 7 last year, he and his wife registered online for vaccination. They also get their confirmation messages on their mobile. But they were not vaccinated because of family commitments. On Thursday morning, when Abdur Razzak print the registration card for vaccination and saw that the date of vaccination is mentioned in the card. After going online with the card number, they also got the vaccination certificate.  Upazila Health Officer Dr. Abu Toha Md. Shakil said, “I have come to know that such incidents have happened in the case of more than one person. However, those who have been witnessing such incidents will be vaccinated with the same registration card.