Central Shaheed Minar demanded in Rajshahi

Published : 05 Dec 2020 09:42 PM

Students of various educational institutions of Rajshahi formed a human chain in front of the deserted building of Engineering and Survey Institute on Saturday demanding construction of a Central Shaheed Minar in Rajshahi. 

Students at the human chain said, according to the prior declaration, the Central Shaheed Minar should be constructed at the site of the deserted building of Engineering and Survey Institute at Sonadgihi area of the city. But a vested quarter was plotting to construct Commercial buildings at the deserted site of the Engineering and Survey Institute. The students declared to launch a staunch movement if the attempt to construct a Commercial building at the site is not stopped. 

Students at the human chain further mentioned, the first ever Shaheed Minar of the country was built in Rajshahi aftermath of the brutal murder of the students by the Pakistani mercenaries on February 21 in 1952. But, even after the passage of a long time, no central Shaheed Minar has been constructed in Rajshahi. 

They demanded to construct a Central Shaheed Minar in Rajshahi like that of a Dhaka. They demanded to construct the Central Shaheed Minar in Rajshahi before the International Mother Language Day on February 21 in 2021 at the declared site of Engineering and Survey Institute, otherwise, they threatened to start a movement with all students of Rajshahi. 

They demanded intervention of RCC Mayor AHM Khairuzzaman Liton to take proper step to construct the Central Shahid Minar in Rajshahi.

Presided over by Siam Ali, a student of Rajshahi University, the human chain was addressed, among others, by NBU students Al Mahmud Deep and Reaz, AEHT student Akash, Law College student Rakibul Hasan Sohel, Rajshahi College student Hasan Ali and Barendra University student Sirajun Nabi Sohel. The human chain programme was conducted by Milon Sarker. 

City Chhatra League President Rocky Kumar Ghose, General Secretary Mahmud Hasan Rajib, President and the General Secretary of Rajshahi College Nur Mohammad Siam and Naimul Hasan Naim respectively also spoke at the human chain by expressing solidarity with the demand of the students.