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Celestial beauty of winter flowers!

Published : 31 Jan 2022 10:06 PM | Updated : 01 Feb 2022 02:36 PM

The most common flowers in Bangladesh are rose, marigold, gladiolus, gerbera, tuberose, gypsy, calendula and sunflower. These flowers generally bloom in winter and keep delighting the eyes until the end of spring.

Winter ends with the birth of vivid petals, blooming from dry dusted branches. These colourful gorgeous little beauties bring happiness to people.

Flowers are often used to expresses friendship, love and sometimes sorrow. There is hardly anyone who dislikes flowers.

A good number of people in the country have attained financial solvency by cultivating varieties of flower. The flower growers and traders of different areas of the country are optimistic about a big sale this season. Flower plants need special care - like frequent irrigation and weeding ensure good output. Many florists are hopeful to make a good profit selling Rajanigandha (tuberose,) rose, gerbera, marigold (gada,) gladiolus, gypsy, and other varieties of flowers.

Upon visiting several flower farms of the country it was observed that the abundant roses and other flowers were ready to harvest. Farmers said that they were expecting to sell these on special occasions.

Bangladesh Flower Society sources said three million people are involved in this flower industry, including 20,000 florists.

Marigolds, cosmos, daisy gypsies, roses, gladioli, tuberoses, gerbera, dahlias to chrysanthemums and other flowers at all decorate the fields. It enhances the celestial beauty.

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