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CEC confident of holding free, fair JS polls

Published : 13 Sep 2023 10:22 PM | Updated : 14 Sep 2023 05:35 PM

Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal on Wednesday expressed his confidence in holding the upcoming 12th National Parliamentary election in a free and fair manner by creating a congenial environment.

The CEC also said he has become confident as the present government has made such promises to the Election Commission in this connection.

The CEC came up with the remarks while speaking at a workshop titled “12th National Parliamentary Election: Expectations and Reality” held at Nirbachan Bhaban in the capital.

The workshop was organised ahead of the 12th parliamentary elections with a view to getting suggestions from prominent citizens of the country.

A total of 28 prominent citizens including former bureaucrats, senior journalists, as well as people working on elections took part in discussion. The CEC said, “We feel very confident. Recently, the government has repeatedly promised for a fair election. The government has never made this promise before. This is the first time the government has made such a commitment.”

“If politicians do not create a favourable environment for the commission, it will be difficult to hold elections. And if the environment is favourable, it will be helpful for the commission,” said the CEC.

Pointing out that whether the election will be good or not it fully depends on everyone’s “political will,” he said that there must be an internal political will. 

“It will not come from me. It should come from politicians or from the government,”the CEC said.

Kazi Habibul Awal said the commission wants to know the people’s expectations about the election.

“We want to look ahead. I would like to know the expectations of the people. If we can do that, we will be happy,” the CEC said.

Addressing the guests who attended the event, the CEC said the commission has tried to present the subject in a new way. 

“Those who are not involved in politics they are intellectual community, they are scholars. I want to know the people's expectations from them. If you discuss it academically it will be helpful for us to understand,”The CEC added.

"The political parties are divided. But instead of going into this discussion, we want to look ahead. I will be happy if I can find out people's expectations," the CEC said.

Ali Imam Majumdar, former secretary of the Cabinet Division said, “Foreign countries interfere in our election system. We have invited them as observer. Countries all over the world are watching our elections. If we fail to hold a free and fair election, we will have to pay price for it.”

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