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CCS demands fixing of essentials’ price until Eid

Published : 28 Apr 2020 09:51 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 08:18 PM

Conscious Consumers Society (CCS) has demanded of City Corporation and the Ministry of Commerce to fix the maximum price of essential commodities including beef till next Eid and take effective steps to implement it.

In a statement sent to media on Tuesday, CCS executive director Palash Mahmud made the demand and said that the highest price of beef is fixed in the capital every year on the occasion of Ramadan. Although this rule has been in place for the last 45 years, it has not been done this time.

As a result, the price of beef has crossed 600 taka per kg. In some places it is 750 taka per kg. Beef has now become a luxury food due to its high price. If the maximum pricing and effective measures are not taken within the fast time, there is a fear of further increase in prices before Eid.

Palash Mahmud said, “The price of rice, which was Tk 1,900 a sack (50 kg) in different parts of the country a month ago, is now Tk 2,500. Ginger sold at 100 taka per kg is now more than 300 taka. In the last one and a half  months, the prices of all kinds of daily commodities starting from rice, pulses, oil, sugar, milk, onion, ginger, garlic, chilli, turmeric have gone up. 

The prices of some products have also increased 2 to 3 times. Although the liquid milk produced by farmers across the country is unsold, the price of pasteurized milk has gone up. The matter is absolutely inconsistent.”

According to CCS, millions of people have lost their jobs in the wake of Covid-19. Workers, day laborers, hawkers, rickshaw pullers and other daily income earners have stopped earning. About 6 crore poor and middle class people are in misery. These helpless people are struggling to support their families.

In this situation, the increase in the price of daily commodities is very inhumane. It is the responsibility of the government to fix the maximum price of daily necessities so that people can buy essential commodities at affordable prices. Especially on the occasion of the upcoming Eid, measures have to be taken before the market goes out of control.

The executive director of CCS said, “It is important to keep people at home to protect the nation from the epidemic. As a result of staying at home, on the one hand, the income has stopped and on the other hand, the price of goods is also increasing. With such a rise in commodity prices, the general public is suffering.”

“Commodity price controls are important if we want to keep people at home safe from Covid 19. Although it is necessary to take further action in this regard, it has not been taken. Therefore, I am demanding immediate action,” he added.