CCC authorities to enforce area-based lockdown

Area-based lockdown is being implemented to prevent corona virus infections in Chattogram. In the first phase, North Kattali Ward no 10 of Chittagong City Corporation has been locked down for 21 days. 

Visiting North Kattali Ward it was seen that there are guards at the entrance of Col. Jones Road and Ishan Mahajan Road but there are no guards at all the other entrances. The local volunteer team is assisting the administration in the implementation. But the local volunteers are not able to be strict even if they want to because of the acquaintance. As a result, it is not possible to keep people at home.

North Kattali Ward Councilor Nisar Uddin Ahmed said, "The main condition for implementing the lockdown is to keep people at home. In order to keep people at home, they need to be provided with their daily necessities at home and a general holiday at their workplace. At the same time, people need to be aware and increase the patrols of law enforcement agencies to monitor their awareness”.

“We are doing our best to deliver the daily necessities to the people's homes. Even then we are not able to cooperate adequately as there is no allocation for the lockdown area. Besides, people gather at the corners of the neighborhood and gossip and play hide and seek with the law enforcement agencies. Again, many have to go to work because they cannot ensure a normal holiday”, he added.

CCC Mayor AJM Nasir Uddin said, "In the first phase, we have locked down the North Kattali area considering the number of victims for 15 days till June 13. But considering the overall situation, it has become difficult to fully implement the lockdown. As a result, we have now decided to have an area-based lockdown. Maybe in the future we won't do a whole word lockdown. Considering the number of victims, only those areas will be locked down”.