Cattle traders counting loss in Dinajpur

The cattle farms and seasonal traders of Dinajpur district are counting huge losses following the Eid-ul-Adha. 

Many of them sold their cows in dire loss as supply was higher than the demand. 

It is known that, the fame and demand of this cow is high in our country. However, Cross Pabna breed, Australian-Friesian breed, Indian Haryan breed, Pakistani Sahiol breed and domestic breed are the famous species among the other. 

Cattle farmers took their cattle in Dhaka, Sylhet and different haats in Chattogram through land and river route. Among these, many farmers sold their cattle and other brought back their cattle as they couldn't sale cows.

Ali, a cattle trader from Chirirbandar Upazila said many cattle farms, small and large, have been established in many districts in the country. 

Two days before the Eid, suddenly the price of cows had fallen sharply. 

Bhobesh from Birol Halja village said he bought 55 cows in Gabtoli haat. 36 cows were sold in losses. And rest other have returned. 

Rahmat Bepari from Ranipukur village said 125 cows were sold among 293 cows. Unsold cows returned to home.

They were facing Tk36 lakhs loss in this regard.  Meanwhile, cattle farmers of Dinajpur district said, each cattle farmer in Dinajpur faces loss around Tk50000 to Tk20 lakhs during this Eid-ul-Adha.

Many farms are now taking cows back from traders for fear of not getting the rest of the money. 

Others are hiding themselves without paying the dues and farmers' dues. 

Animal Resources Officer of Dinajpur District, Dr Md Shahinur Alam and Additional District Animal Resources Officer Dr Ashika Akbar Tirsha - Additional District Animal Resources Officer Dr Parveen Sultana told that Dinajpur has huge livestock resources. 

There are also large cattle ranches. This year the supply of domestic cow was good, so many farms and traders did not get the actual price compared to last year. But we think the price is right. Although many traders suffered losses, most farmers and traders received worthy prices for the cow at the Eid-ul-Adha.