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Cattle sale get momentum

Published : 30 Jul 2020 09:59 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 04:10 PM

The cattle markets got a momentum as the sale of sacrificial animals continued showing an upward trend in the ‘Qurbani hats’ across the capital city one day ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.

People in groups were seen going from one market to another as many family members together were buying cows or buffaloes of their choice. 

The goat market is also crowded with buyers. Spectacle in the cattle markets doesn't seem that the Coronavirus epidemic is in full swing right now. All the fears of the people have gone with the Eid.

Iqbal Hossain has bought a bull at Tk 96 thousand at Beribadh cattle market Gabtali, saying, “Price is quite reasonable this year than the last year. Due to the pandemic and current economic crisis we have bought our sacrificial animal on the last day. I think this year for buyer and seller isa win-win situation,”

At Gabtali cattle market, the biggest in the country, cattle farmer, Sodrul Ahmed said, “I brought 25 cows and 10 goats, till now I have sold 15 cows and three goats. However, the profit margin is relatively low. I can't say what will happen to my fate later.”

Shawkat Ahmed, a customer at the market said, “Many sacrificial animals were shipped to the market from different places. Prices are much lower than the last year.”

While cow seller Molla Jalal said, “If everyone remains good and everyone has a smile on his or her face that is a joy of Eid. We are not getting good price with cows.”

Rana, a cattle trader from Gabtoli hat, stressed that, “You just go around the whole hat and then tell me how many Indian cows have come to this market. Buyers buy oxen with taka two and a half lakh each. So why would they buy our local cows?”

Hat leaseholders and cattle farmers say that in the past, traders used to buy hundreds of cows from local cattle markets and take them to big cities of the country including Chattogram, Bogura, Sylhet and Feni. 

This correspondent visited several cattle markets in the city in the last few days to observe the safety precautions and the response of those who are visiting the markets to buy sacrificial animals ahead of the Eid.

“This time the big traders, merchants and buyers did not come to the markets as in previous years due to the risk of coronavirus infection. So the price of cattle has dropped in this market,” said, cattle trader FazlulHaque. 

The number of cattle markets in the capital has decreased this year due to coronavirus. Only 17 sacrificial animal markets have been set up in the capital city of Dhaka since last Monday.