Cases pending in various courts

More judges should be appointed for quick disposal of cases

Published : 09 Mar 2023 08:12 PM

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs has recommended for appointing more judges in order to quick disposal of pending cases. The recommendation was placed at the 27th meeting of the parliamentary committee held at the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban in the city.

The parliamentary watchdog also suggested taking necessary measures to reduce justice seekers’ suffering from the country’s all courts. A large number of cases remain unsettled as the country of about 18 crore people has only 1,900 judges, according to reports published in different dailies.

A total of 40, 4007 cases were pending in the courts of the country till September 30 last year. This is a long-standing problem, which has gone on for years and years and remains unsolved to this day. As these cases still remain pending in different courts across the country, justice seekers have been facing serious difficulties. Many of them failed to continue run their cases due to financial crisis.   


government should take the JS 

watchdog’s recommendations 

regarding the recruitment 

of more judges seriously

 and start the process as early as 


The government had taken an initiative to dispose of six lakh pending cases by last year (2022). Besides, the Chief Justice Hasan Foez Siddique had also expressed his vow to combat the hundreds of thousands of cases trapped in legal logjam, clogging up country’s judicial system.

The government wants to ensure justice for all with prompt disposal of cases, and ensure transparency and accountability in the country. Hence, the government does not have any option but to appoint more judges and construct different infrastructures.

Every citizen of the country has the right to get justice in time. We urge the judges to aim to diligently dispose more cases and work for the people seeking justice. Every person should get justice through disposing of the cases quickly and creating an environment to ensure transparency and accountability (in the judiciary).

The government should take the JS watchdog’s recommendations regarding the recruitment of more judges seriously and start the process as early as possible. It will the government to solve a long-standing problem and ensure justice for all within short time.