Case info thru SMS earns praise for police

Published : 06 Sep 2020 09:57 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:04 PM

To ease the sufferings of people, Rajshahi District Police is sending information to the complainant of any case or the General Diary through the SMS.

As a result, a complainant will not need to visit the police station to learn whereabouts of the case or the complaint filed by him/her, rather, the complainant would get the latest information about the case or complaint through SMS in his/her mobile phone.  

The activities of sending such SMS starts from September 2 in all eight police stations of the district. 

Such a laudable action has been introduced by the Superintendent of Police of Rajshahi Mohammad Shahidullah. SP Shahidullah in this connection said, to ease the harassment and sufferings of service recipients, steps have been taken to send information of cases and even of general diaries through SMSs.

 Duty Officers in all police stations are sending those SMSs through their official mobile phones. In the SMS, information regarding any complaint, General Diary or case is being mentioned to the applicants.

Through the SMS, the complainant is being able to learn the name of the Investigation Officer of the case, his/her mobile phone number and in which day and what time the IO would visit the place of occurrence to enquire into the allegation.

Iftekhayer Alam, Additional Superintendent of Poice and Spokesperson for Rajshahi District Police informed, the sufferings of the complainants have been reduced due to introduction of the SMS service. S/he is no more required to visit the police station from a remote village. S/he is being able to learn the name, mobile number and other information about the IO through mobile phones and thus s/he is being able to contact the IO easily. 

He further mentioned, SP Mohammad Shahidullah has introduced the SMS service aiming to reach the service of police to the doorstep of people. 

This activity will continue under his supervision.

Thorugh SMS service, people are being able to learn information about the case or complaints, at the same time, the IO of the concerned case or the complaint will remain accountable to the higher authorities and there is no scope of negligency in dealing with any complaint and, most of all, people are being benefitted through such SMS.