Carrot cultivation increases in Ishwardi for good price, demand

Published : 18 Nov 2020 09:18 PM | Updated : 19 Nov 2020 08:27 AM

Cultivation of carrot is growing day to day in Ishwardi. Due to sweetness, taste and food-value, both the demand and price of carrot is increasing in Ishwardi and across the country. Due to favourable weather, carrot farmers here are expecting to get a good harvest and price of carrot.

According to Upazila Agriculture office sources, the carrot is being cultivated on plainland of the upazila. The cultivation of carrot is continuing to grow every year. This year, the carrot has been cultivated on 720 acres of land in the upazila. The carrot is mainly cultivated in Laxmikunda, Sahapur and Salimpur unions of the upazila while in Paksey, Dashuria, Muladuli and Sara union, the carrot is cultivated comparatively less.  The soil of Ishwardi is very suitable for carrot cultivation.

Farmers informed they can cultivate carrot in their fields two times a year. One is between August to October and another is from January to March. The carrot can be harvest three months after its planting. A farmer can get 100 to 120 maund of carrot by cultivating that in a bigha of land. Taka 100,000 to 120,000 can be earned by selling carrot produced in a bigha of land.

Wholesale vegetable traders from various places of the country, specially from Dhaka purchased carrot from the farmers in Ishwardi and carry those through trucks. 

Hafizul Islam of Salimpur informed, hehas cultivated carrot on four bighas of land. zzzzzThe carrot from his field would be ready to harvest within next one week and he hoped to get a good return by selling carrot. He further informed, it costs him Taka 130,000 to cultivate carrot in a bigha of land hoped to sell the carrot of his land at Taka 400,000. 

Sahin Sarder, farmer of Mohadevpur village under Sahapur union informed, the price of carrot this year has been doubled than that of the previous year. he has cultivated carrot on nine bighas of land.  Ishwardi Upazila Agriculture Officer Abdul Latif informed the production of carrot has been increased in Ishurdi since it is a high-value vegetable enriched in vitamins and other nourishing ingredients. 

This year 720 acres of land has been brought under Carrot cultivation in the upazila. The soil of Ishwardi is highly suitable for carrot cultivation, he added.