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Carnivorous Cravings at Woodhouse Grill

Published : 23 Jul 2019 09:04 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 05:24 AM

Serious carnivores will go to the ends of the earth to seek out a perfectly marbled and expertly seared steak. In Dhaka there is no shortage of fine steakhouses, and Woodhouse Grill is one of the cult destinations for steak lovers. Located at Banani 11, this restaurant has been a favourite among all since it opened in 2017.
Leon Islam, manager of Woodhouse Grill said, “We exclusively use dry-aged (4 to 6 weeks) primal cuts of beef from specially cattle. Our steaks come from cattle that are naturally raised and specially selected for Woodhouse Grill.” “All of our meats are seasoned with a blend of Texan spices and smoked with a mix of apple and hickory wood chips, keeping the meaty flavour intact and grilled to perfection”, he added.

The menu comprised of a variety of meat choices and sides. For someone with a very hearty appetite, the West Texan Premium Porterhouse (BDT 2885) is a tremendous meal. This king of steaks consists of a massive chunk of meat. This marbled wet aged 600+ gram of premium steak is seasoned to absolute perfection and grilled to preferred choice of doneness! The steak was tender, juicy and full of flavour.

The ultimate meat lollipop, Tomahawk (BDT 1885) is richly marbled, full ribeye steak attached to a long, exposed bone that is extremely juicy and tender. This 500gm of extravagant deliciously flavored meat cuts like butter. This gorgeous, long-bone Tomahawk speak to the purity, simplicity, and unapologetic indulgence of the Old World.

T-Bone (BDT 1625) is hearty chunk of flame grilled meaty delight with generous marbling along the sides. The meat is seasoned, grilled and smoked with perfect doneness that gives a premium experience overall. This beauty is going to leave one craving for more. Ribeye (BDT 1385/2300) steak is rich, juicy, tender and full-flavoured with maximum marbling throughout, giving it loads of flavour and providing the fat needed to help it stay tender during cooking. Served with potato wedges and Garlic Coleslaw this premium steak is to die for.

The 300g piece of well flavoured Sirloin (BDT 1345) steak is seasoned with a blend of amazing spices and herbs, grilled to desired level of doneness and smoked by burning a mix of apple and hickory chips, for added flavour and served with sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes. The Austin Ribs (BDT 1845) from Woodhouse Grill is majestic. The juicy spare ribs smoked till moist and tender with a nice blackened skin and rich smoke flavour meat falls right off the bone at the slightest touch of cutlery makes the dish such a delicacy. Smoked slowly for hours with hickory and apple woodchips the steak gives an unforgettable taste. The Austin Rib is a rich mixture of perfect meat texture with sweet fat and mouthwatering flavours.

Slow smoked Short Ribs (BDT 1590/2800) packed with meaty goodness are bound to one’s meat sweats out. This piece of meat is the perfect way to kick off a perfect weekend.= The East Texas styled Pepper Steak (BDT 749) are smothered in authentic fresh made brown glace and grilled to absolute perfection before being smoked vigorously. This steak cut like butter and taste divine!

The classic Philly Cheese Steak (BDT 799) is such a meaty goodness. This flavourful cut is grilled with fresh button mushroom and onions; then smothered with Molten Jack cheese until the meat can’t stand it! Served hot and steaming with Mexican rice and sautéed vegetables. Their Chicken Monterey (BDT 385) and Waco Mushroom (BDT 325) are great as well. So prepare your tongue and stomach for an extraordinary experience. Woodhouse’s incredibly luscious steak will satisfy the carnivorous cravings of your soul.

Place – Woodhouse Grill, House 99,
Block C, Banani 11, Dhaka 1213
Meal for Two – BDT 3500 (approx)
Opening Hours – Mon to Wed
(12:30pm to 11:15pm)
Thurs and Fri
          (12:30pm to 11:45pm)