Carew & Co targets Tk 300cr spirit sale this season

Published : 19 Apr 2022 08:51 PM

Chuadanga Darshana Carwe and Co Sugar Mill has a reputation as the economic driving force of the region. Besides, there is a reputation for allocating funds in various sectors including education. This region has been illuminated for 84 long years with the help of this institution. Of the four divisions of the Carew Sugar Mill, the sugar factory had to bear the brunt of the losses, but it was offset by the profits of the other divisions. This time all the records of the establishment have been broken by the production and sale of distillery products. That is why the profit margin of the distillery department has increased a lot this year as compared to every year. According to the data, in the last 2020-21 financial year, the stock of spirits in the distillery department was 5 lakh 43 thousand 89.21 prop liters. Till March 2021-22, 40 lakh 59 thousand prop liters have been produced. Till last March, 42 lakh 60 thousand prop liters of spirits were sold at a price of 239 crore 12 lakh against a total of 55 lakh prop liters. The distillery is set to set a record for the highest spirits sold this year.

According to the sugar mill authorities, it will be possible to sell 55 lakh prop liters of spirits stored in the next two months of the current financial year. According to estimates, more than 300 crore TK could create a record sales of spirits. The sugar factory had stored 4509 metric tons of sugar in the last financial year. In the 2021-22 sugarcane threshing season, 53,892 metric tons of sugarcane has been threshed and 3023 metric tons of sugar has been produced. The average rate of sugar extraction this season was higher than last season. Till April 8, 2633 metric tons of sugar was sold at Tk 74 and 75 per kg at a price of Tk 19 crore 46 lakh 4 thousand 200. However, due to lack of interest of farmers in sugarcane cultivation, less sugarcane has been threshed in the current season. As a result, the burden of losses on sugar mills is expected to be higher than last season.

Akundbaria Bio Fatilizer has produced 1200 metric tons of organic fertilizer till March. Last season's stock was 922.22 metric tons. Out of total 2122.22 metric tons of fertilizer, 1816.15 metric tons have been sold for 1 crore 99 lakh rupees. This time the sugar mill authorities have made an additional profit of Tk 12 lakh by leasing the land at the highest rate. Meanwhile, Corona has produced 6222 liters of hand sanitizer for the epidemic till March and sold it for 31 lakh 11 thousand rupees.

Speaking to Darshana Sugar Mill workers, it is learned that due to the efficient management and foresight of the present management board, the age-bending mill has started to stand tall. If this continues, the region will prosper economically as the valuable resources of the government will be protected. Meanwhile, a committee has been formed at the inter-ministerial level to increase the price of sugarcane so that the farmers are interested in sugarcane cultivation. A source said that the price of sugarcane may be increased immediately on the recommendation of the committee. This will increase the interest in sugarcane cultivation among sugarcane growers.

Mosharraf Hossain, managing director of Carew Sugar Mills, said that Carew Sugar Mills is one of the economic driving forces in the region. This valuable resource of the government has made the people of this district proud and prosperous. In the greater interest of the area, it is very important to increase the cultivation of sugarcane, one of the raw materials for the survival of this organization.