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Carbon emission threatens coastal areas

Published : 29 Sep 2022 09:36 PM

Global carbon-dioxide emission levels must be ensured at 1.5 percent, otherwise the coastal areas will go under water. 

World leaders made the promise to reduce carbon emission at the Paris conference but did not implement it.

Environmentalists have called for greater emphasis on compensating for the impact on the environment caused by developed countries in the upcoming International Climate Conference (COP 27) to be held this November.

The demand was made at the Bangladesh government’s position and civil society opinion programme at the COP-27 global climate conference organized at CIRDAP Conference Center in the capital on Thursday.

Environmentalists said that global warming is increasing. The pledges made at the Paris conference to reduce warming and create related funds have not been implemented. The amount of money coming to the government from abroad is also not being utilized properly.

At present, due to global warming, major changes in climate are seen. Developed countries are turning up the heat for their economic gain. People living in developing countries are more affected by this. The level of river erosion has increased in coastal areas. Char area people are coming to Dhaka but there are no official or private statistics. Due to lack of coordination within the government, funds are not being used properly even if they are coming from abroad.

They also say that grasslands and coastal areas will sink if global warming rises above 1.5 percent. One third of the world will be submerged in water. It is not possible to imagine what the consequences will be. For this, the pressure on the developed countries should be increased. Adequate funds must be raised for climate action. Pressure needs to be created at the COP-27 conference to implement the commitment of world leaders to fund the Paris conference. 

Syed Aminul Hoque from EquityBD in his key notes said that the CoP 27 is crucial as the developed countries are trying to breach their all-previous commitment and tend to bi-pass the basic principles of Paris Agreement [PA]. They put new concepts like “Net Zero” emission, New Collective & Quantified Goal [NCQG]” on finance etc. These vague or elusive concepts proposed by the developed countries are in fact deeply inequitable and not commensurate with meaningful reductions of global warming to 1.5C under PA. 

Deputy Minister of Forests and Environment Habibur Nahar said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told the world leaders at the last COP conference that they have to take responsibility to solve the way developed countries are destroying the climate for industrial development. Sufficient funds are not coming from abroad. Some project based money comes. It is not possible to give from there.