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Capture night glory with vivo X80

Published : 29 Jul 2022 09:00 PM

Night time isn’t referred to as bedtime for all. For the creative, it’s the time of magic. It inspires poets and writers for generations to praise its beauty so extensively in all forms. Some use this as ‘me time’ and sit in isolation and allow the humdrum of mundane tasks and busyness of everyday life dissolve into the background. Families use this time together and have some fun while friends share their hearts over delicious food and drinks. During the day, the moon, stars, comets, planets, and other celestial bodies are blinded by the light of the sun, but at night they become visible to the human eye. Many people find the beauty of the night sky extremely soothing. However, older cameras were unable to capture this beauty.

In the past, night photography was only possible with professional DSLRs, but that is fortunately no longer the case. The constant evolution of smartphones has now made them a mini professional camera capable of capturing any element in the darkest of skies.

The brand new vivo X80 with its advanced camera features and processors is an example of such a smartphone. Providing stiff competition to photography cameras, the device was co-engineered with ZEISS, a leading lens manufacturer and pioneer in optics. It boasts of impressive features such as the ZEISS Superb Night Camera, the Superb Night Portrait, Super Night Video, and AI video enhancement along with several others. This article will help you understand the benefits of such features so that you can make the most of the night photography!

All lenses across the entire X80 series meet ZEISS T* Coating standards, making them an excellent choice to capture images and videos during the dark, allowing you not to miss out on a single detail.

Backed by the unique vivo V1+ Chip, Super Night Video delivers exceptional results even in extreme darkness. Better still, AI Video Enhancement automatically detects scene changes and offers smooth transitions. No matter how dark the night is, you’ll be amazed at how seamlessly the camera adapts.With the Super Night Portrait algorithm, you can take clear portraits even in low light, with bokeh that blends seamlessly with the background. The AI Skin Retouching and AI HD algorithms give you that studio-quality edge while maintaining your natural look and depth of complexion. Taking photos of the beautiful night skies and stars has never been easier.

No matter how dark the night is, the vivo X80 will capture your memory with no blurriness behind it. So quickly befriend this latest partner in crime at night so that you are able to capture the beautiful dark sky in all its glory.