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Capitol police fears riot repeat as Jan 6 nears

By Xinhua
Published : 01 Jan 2022 09:49 PM | Updated : 02 Jan 2022 02:34 PM

A Capitol police officer said that with the January 6 Capitol riot anniversary drawing near, he fears a violence repeat, U.S. broadcaster NPR reported on Thursday.

U.S. Capitol Police Aquilino Gonell recalled his experience in the January 6 riot to NPR. Nearly one year later, he still cannot raise his left arm due to injuries he sustained during the attack.

Gonell said the penalties for many rioters are not enough. "Their jail time is less than my recovery time," Gonell added.

Moreover, Gonell said it galls him to hear politicians downplay the events of January 6, according to NPR.

Gonell hopes the ongoing prosecutions lead to stiff penalties. "What I don't want is for some of these people to think it's OK, regardless of what the political figures are saying," he said.

"If these people don't get some type of deterrent, it will happen again, and that'll be on us."

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