Can your facewash exfoliate?

Published : 09 Nov 2021 06:23 PM | Updated : 10 Nov 2021 10:37 AM

Well, often the question arises as what is actually the main difference between scrubbing and exfoliating; as people frequently get confused between the two. Since exfoliating is a “one-step ahead” procedure in the current time; the difference mainly lies in how each of them works. Scrubbing typically involves rubbing gently to remove dirt only from the top layer of skin whereas exfoliation is usually done when the pores become clogged and the skin peels off and becomes dry therefore a deeper cleansing process is required which not only cleans the upper layer but penetrates into the deeper skin layers to revitalize skin.

Types of exfoliators:

a)         Physical exfoliators – usually contain harsh small granules like crushed nuts, sugar grains, jojoba beads etc. which might cause wear and tear of skin if rubbed vigorously to get rid of grease and grime. So, these are not a very good option for daily use.

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b)         Chemical exfoliators – are generally mild and contain acids like AHA, or alpha-hydroxy, BHA, beta-hydroxy acid, salicylic acid to clear off dirt from farthest-to-farthest layer of skin. These are much better and safer for skin.

Lafz, a global halal brand commenced its operations in several countries with multiple revolutionary products and entered even in Bangladesh with benchmark chemical foaming facewashes which does the work of gentle exfoliation as well. Lafz foaming facewashes caught the eyes of other competitors immediately as they had to put on their thinking caps to find ways to eliminate dryness which would usually occur from their facewashes unlike Lafz. With the introduction of this “cutting-edge technology’, the other personal care companies had to strive to match footsteps with these absolutely halal chemical exfoliating foaming face washes. Actually, these facewashes serve dual purposes. Since, they come with silicon brushes at the top of bottles, they can easily eradicate stubborn pollutants and dead cells from skin surfaces without damaging the outermost layer due to the bristles being extremely soft and gentle. As a result, a large number of creases can be easily prevented and at the same time the chemical ingredients can do their job as well leaving the skin nourished and supple. Hence, they work both physically and chemically, in terms of exfoliation.

These foamy facewashes come in two variants. They are:

•           Apple- Cider Vinegar facewash - This cleanser helps fade acne marks. It also unclogs pores, removes dead cells, and lightens pigmentation balancing PH level by the deep cleansing exfoliation applicator attached to it.

•           The Coffee facewash - This foamy wash is enriched with Arabica coffee which helps brighten your skin. It also reduces cellulite and decrease puffiness and redness of one’s face. It also stimulates collagen production and rejuvenates the skin. The component Aloe vera present in it hydrates and tightens the skin.

Henceforth, Lafz foamy facewashes not only exfoliates but cater to a large number of benefits, as well.

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