Call to take action on climate crisis

A thousand of people, including eight hundred students from over a dozen local schools in Rayerbazer, Dhaka organised a climate action event on Saturday at Boishakhi playing field in Rayerbazer. The students presented a list of demands to the government to take strong action on climate.

The students also displayed a long banner with demands for action on the climate crisis and signatures collected from schools in Rayerbazer and from universities and other groups elsewhere in Bangladesh. Speaking at the event, students said that they cannot wait any longer to address the climate emergency and called on high emitting countries to rapidly scale back their fossil fuel use in order to reach zero fossil fuel use within the next several years. The students also called on people to show the way to reduce emissions by walking and cycling more and shifting from industrial back to natural products.

Debra Efroymson, member of Stop Emissions Now, Bangladesh and Executive Director of the Institute of Wellbeing, said that in the face of a global crisis, young people must speak up and make their demands heard to the leaders of countries most responsible for the climate crisis.
The event was organized by Stop Emissions Now, Bangladesh with support from thirteen local schools of Rayerbazer.